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Chiselbox is a branding agency that focuses on crafting human experiences through design. We identify what makes you tick, what makes you stand out, and develop how your customers will interact with your mission. Chiselbox is about a return to craftsmanship in the digital age. Logo design to website development, we craft the experience that is right for you.

Chiselbox was founded in the spring of 2015 with the idea and motivation to do things different. Located in the heart of Wheeling, WV in the historic Professional Building, Chiselbox has worked with organizations such as Wheeling Heritage and the Augusta Levy Learning Center. We are passionate about our community and will continue to crafting human experiences throughout the region.

Crafting A Human Experience.

In a marketplace that is increasingly loud and cluttered, frantic and impersonal, Chiselbox believes the answer isn’t to be bigger, louder or busier, it’s to be more human. It’s to be more honest and transparent, to pour your soul into what you do and into your interactions. It’s about being brave enough to put yourself out there – to boldly and confidently state and stand for what you believe in.

Branding is no longer just about a logo and an eye-catching billboard. It’s about making your branding efforts an ongoing and evolving process. Platforms come and go. Trends change with shifting winds, but the skills to engage and move human beings is the same that it has always been. We invest in improving our skills so that we are always relevant.